What are Custom Filters?

Meet your BigCommerce store needs with our Faceted search and Custom Filters

Product filtering, also known as faceted search, allows your store visitors to shop by attributes such as: Category, Brand, Condition, Price, Rating, Shipping, and Stock. With our FreshClick Filter customers can find the products they want with ease. Our faceted search is also proven to increase your sales!

Many stores contain huge amounts of products. They’re also from different industries meaning they need specific filters for their products. Custom Filters are essential for BigCommerce stores. They allow the creation of filters related to a stores industry and products.  For example a BigCommerce store selling clothing may need Custom Filters such as: Size, Color, Style. A vehicle store may require Custom filters: Make, model, Year. Our FreshClick Filter allows stores to build a faceted search perfect for their needs.

Once you’ve installed our Category Filter you log into our user friendly dashboard. Here you can select your Custom filters using our simple drop down menu. Our Filter automatically pulls in data from your store therefor you can choose the Custom Filters you want.

Stores who have installed our BigCommerce Filter come from all industries. A stunning tile store used Custom filters meaning customers can filter by tile Shape, Material, Color and Brand. A store selling industrial signs allow customers to filter by Brand, Amperage, and Voltage. A beautiful Art gallery used custom filters because they wanted customers to filter by Artist, Length of painting and Width of painting.

Using our Category Filter and Customer filters you can build the perfect faceted search for your store. For more information please view our BigCommerce Category Filter page