The benefits of our BigCommerce Quote App

BigCommerce Add to Quote

Quote functionality is a powerful tool for e-commerce stores. It successfully increases conversions and sales on BigCommerce stores from all industries.

With our BigCommerce Quotes App customers can request a quote through a store by simply clicking the ‘Add to quote’ button. Once requested the product(s) and customer information is sent to the Quote manager were a sales rep is assigned. From here the sales rep can add discounts, products, etc. They then send the edited quote back to the customer with a link to checkout.

There are many benefits of having the FreshClick BigCommerce Quote App including:

Attracts new customers

Our BigCommerce Quotes App allows un-registered customers to request product prices or information. It opens communication channels with stores.  Customers may be deterred by screen prices therefore the ‘Add to quote’ button allows a negotiation process to take place resulting in sales at an agreed price.

Allows customers to check Pricing

Often pricing is negotiable depending on product order size or volume.  With our BigCommerce Quotes App customers can submit a request and a sales rep will tailor the quote based on the information provided. This is then sent back to the customer to complete the purchase.

Develop Draft Orders for Customers

Customers may want an idea of what a larger order might look like. They may want to know pricing changes if they ordered new items. The BigCommerce Quotes App is the perfect tool for building potential orders. It has the ability to apply discounts to incentivize customers for acting quickly.

Fast checkout using the Quote to increase sales

Once sales reps have created a customer quote they email it to the customer. They will then review quote and can click on the check out link included to proceed. The BigCommerce Quote App makes the process from quote to purchase very fast. The status  of the quote is then changed to completed in the Quote Manager.

Address Auto-complete improves conversions time

Built into the BigCommerce Quotes App is an address auto-complete feature meaning its faster and easier to type out customer address. The predictive search helps speed up form filling and boosts usability. Every address is checked at the point of entry, including the postcode/zipcode. This feature improves conversion time. It also reduces problems due to incorrect address.

To find out more about our BigCommerce Quotes App and how it will benefit your BigCommerce store visit our website for more information.