Stats, stats and more stats!

Subscribing to the FreshClick BigCommerce filter improves your BigCommerce store instantly. Products become organised and customers can search with ease but at FreshClick we like to give our subscribers more. For an extra $10 a month we’ve created a breakdown of our filters performance for each store which would benefit store owners in various ways. Our filter statistics show how customers are using the filter and what filters are being clicked.

The filter increases customer satisfaction and sales because it makes BigCommerce stores more efficient and effective however our filter statistics then help owners recognise if products and stock levels are in-line with customer searches and clicks via the filter.

Access the Filter data is via the ‘Stats’ tab on our FreshClick filter Dashboard. A breakdown of various filter statistics is found here.

Click Count Graph

The Click count graph shows total filter clicks over a selected period of time and compares it to the previous period. To view exact values, hover your mouse over a specific data point.

Best Performing Filters

This chart shows an instant insight into the filters being clicked the most on a store.


Best Performing Category

This table demonstrates the most popular clicked categories. This can help inform stock levels for store owners

Total Filter Clicks and all Clicks

We also provide a real time figure of the amount of clicks the filter has as well as a table documenting all the filter clicks just incase you were concerned the filter was being utilised.

If you would like to see more information visit our BigCommerce filter page.