How do you control the Filter? From your Dashboard!

A popular question from BigCommerce users is how do you control your Category Filter? To answer your question simply we’re created a client ‘Dashboard’

At FreshClick we try to make life as simple as possible for our clients therefore our easy to use Dashboard allows you to control your filters from one central location.

Most importantly recent developments mean our Dashboard is more streamlined and better than ever.

What can you see on the FreshClick BigCommerce Category Filter Dashboard?

When you visit the Dashboard Home page you immediately see the Filters you’re using and if they’re visible on your site.  You can add more filters here and quickly delete those no longer required.

Other key pieces of Filter information found here are the number of products on your store and the amount of categories you have. You can also see when your filter last updated and there’s a ‘Force update’ button allowing you to put changes live immediately.

Glance to your left and you see a side bar with various headings including:

  • Statistics – Click here to view your filter stats including how many clicks your filter has, products being clicked on and other interesting facts
  • Settings – Here you find some master switches and more advanced settings for your filter
  • Installation – Provides guidance notes on completion of the filter install . If you need help you can use our Live chat from here.
  • Change log – We’re always developing our filter and adding new features. Here you can keep up to date with improvements we’ve made
  • Profile – This contains your account details and you can change passwords here
  • Payments – Once you’ve decided that the filter is great you can subscribe to our service here. Setting up your low monthly payments is easy and completely secure.

Now you know how easy our Filter is to control from the Dashboard why not take a look! For more information visit our BigCommerce Category Filter / Faceted search