How did you live without our filter?

So what is the FreshClick BigCommerce Filter and why cant I live with out it?

BigCommerce is a great platform for all types of online businesses. For many companies it has revolutionised their online stores by increasing sales and streamlining their business, but what makes it even better is you can purchase Apps to further improve your store including our FreshClick Filter App (available on the BigCommerce App store)

Our FreshClick filter has undergone some great developments recently and is now better than ever, but what is a Filter and why cant I live without this one?

Product filtering (also known as faceted search) allows customers to refine products based on multiple attributes like price, brand, size, reviews etc. Research shows your customer already knows what they want by the time they’ve landed on your site, so our FreshClick BigCommerce Filter makes it easier for them find exactly what they desire. Huge sites such as Amazon, eBay, and even non-transactional sites like Yelp all use this technology. Using filters has been proven to improve conversion rates and sales.

Our BigCommerce filter, also referred to as a faceted search or layered navigation, has many great features and will dramatically improve the user experience on your store. As a business owner you’ll be wondering how you lived with out it! These features include:

  • There are no limitations on the number of filters you can have and the amount of custom filters you can create, therefore you can tailor your filters to best meet the needs of your store and your customers
  • Our easy to use dashboard allows you to control your filters from one central location. Here you can control the filters you display, their titles, and much more.
  • We offer an excellent online support service which includes specific staff to support our filter clients. We aim to respond to all queries in a timely manner.
  • For one low monthly fee our packages include unlimited filters and online support. Your package is based on your products numbers. There are no hidden costs
  • You can view your customer statistics. This includes seeing what filters people are clicking on and if your stock levels are in-line with customer searches and purchases.
  • We provide clear and simple guidance for installation of the filter on to your store or we can install it for you. Just give us the required access, sit back and relax!

So are you now wondering how you lived without the FreshClick BigCommerce filter, we thought so! To start your 10 day free trial visit our site today.

We’ll see you soon!