The benefits of our BigCommerce Quote App

BigCommerce Add to Quote Quote functionality is a powerful tool for e-commerce stores. It successfully increases conversions and sales on BigCommerce stores from all industries. With our BigCommerce Quotes App customers can request a quote through a store by simply clicking the ‘Add to quote’ button. Once requested the product(s) and customer information is sent to the Quote manager were a sales rep is assigned. From here the sales rep can add discounts, products, etc. They then send the edited quote back to the customer with a link to checkout. There are many benefits of having the FreshClick BigCommerce Quote […]

Stats, stats and more stats!

Subscribing to the FreshClick BigCommerce filter improves your BigCommerce store instantly. Products become organised and customers can search with ease but at FreshClick we like to give our subscribers more. For an extra $10 a month we’ve created a breakdown of our filters performance for each store which would benefit store owners in various ways. Our filter statistics show how customers are using the filter and what filters are being clicked. The filter increases customer satisfaction and sales because it makes BigCommerce stores more efficient and effective however our filter statistics then help owners recognise if products and stock levels are […]

What are Custom Filters?

Meet your BigCommerce store needs with our Faceted search and Custom Filters Product filtering, also known as faceted search, allows your store visitors to shop by attributes such as: Category, Brand, Condition, Price, Rating, Shipping, and Stock. With our FreshClick Filter customers can find the products they want with ease. Our faceted search is also proven to increase your sales! Many stores contain huge amounts of products. They’re also from different industries meaning they need specific filters for their products. Custom Filters are essential for BigCommerce stores. They allow the creation of filters related to a stores industry and products.  […]

How do you control the Filter? From your Dashboard!

A popular question from BigCommerce users is how do you control your Category Filter? To answer your question simply we’re created a client ‘Dashboard’ At FreshClick we try to make life as simple as possible for our clients therefore our easy to use Dashboard allows you to control your filters from one central location. Most importantly recent developments mean our Dashboard is more streamlined and better than ever. What can you see on the FreshClick BigCommerce Category Filter Dashboard? When you visit the Dashboard Home page you immediately see the Filters you’re using and if they’re visible on your site.  […]

How did you live without our filter?

So what is the FreshClick BigCommerce Filter and why cant I live with out it? BigCommerce is a great platform for all types of online businesses. For many companies it has revolutionised their online stores by increasing sales and streamlining their business, but what makes it even better is you can purchase Apps to further improve your store including our FreshClick Filter App (available on the BigCommerce App store) Our FreshClick filter has undergone some great developments recently and is now better than ever, but what is a Filter and why cant I live without this one? Product filtering (also […]